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Paper Manufacturing

paper manufacturing 800

When it comes to paper manufacturing, we leverage our pool of more than 200 partner factories to create a competitive quoting process. We leverage our paper division, printing division, and packaging division to maximize our buying power. By buying massive amounts of paper and raw materials direct, we lower costs. Our flexibility in scheduling and controlling production times, allows us to control our overhead and prevent us from becoming too “top heavy”. Simply put, we have the flexibility that enables us to control costs, production time and quality; this is what makes us unique.

We offer quality, eco-friendly FSC-certified paper composed of virgin tree fibers and soy-based ink with low levels of VOCs to help reduce air pollution by minimizing toxic emissions. Tight budgets and scheduling requirements are no problem for us. We are diligent in working closely with both our customers and our factories during the manufacturing process to ensure the highest quality product and that our customers are 100% satisfied with the job that we’ve done. Our production is done in Asia where we have almost 400,000 sq.ft. of manufacturing space and over 1000 skilled workers. We are the only US-based company that has Chinese affiliations and this helpful network which empowers us to attain a wide variety of specialized products while yielding the lowest possible price. Because of our factory network, it allows us to be large enough and have enough printing and publishing resources that we can handle any and all projects that we are given.

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